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I feel a deep connection to the simple yet elegant sculptural forms and colors of the natural world.

I have always collected little bits of nature – dried flowers, leaves, shells, stones, pine cones, seed pods, twigs. As a kid I thought of them as my tiny treasures. Now those bits and pieces have become my inspiration. In my work, I strive to translate their beautiful colors, textures and shapes into wearable art.

I use specimens I’ve gathered, as well as shapes I create in wax, as my building blocks. I combine and re-mix these elements into new sculptural forms. Stones are selected for their color and pattern. Using traditional metalworking techniques of fabrication and casting, I hand form each jewelry piece. I find joy in each step in the process – from the initial spark of an idea to designing and finally, construction of the finished work.

My goal is to create pieces that offer the wearer a reminder of the delicate and transient gifts that nature provides us.

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